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About PopSci... Answered

I have picked up a copy of PopSci before, but at an age when I wouldn't be able to understand anything in it. So I don't remember much. After entering the contest, I did some research about PopSci. It looks cool, and if i don't have a winning project, I will likely pick up an issue next grocery trip. I was just wondering, what can I expect in an issue of PopSci and what (if you subscribe) are your favourite articles? -Evan


is there alot of reader input?

Yeah, we can't get enough reader input! That's been one of the most exciting parts about our nascent group here on Instructables, seeing what like-minded DIYers are interested in, both in building themselves and in response to our weekly projects here. We're also excited to build up our fresh new How 2.0 Blog to include as much reader input as possible.


11 years ago

i personally love the How 2.0 sections. also, the quick blurbs about upcoming technology (like three years ago they were talking about the F18 hornet, TV has only been showing it for a few months). so yeah, defintately subscribe. glad you like it

I agree, the how 2.0 is really fun to read. I also like when they have like "kitchen of the future" where it shows a projector to show recipes and such.

yeah and the fully automatic bathrooms....what will they think of next.hah