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Accepting Defeat Answered

Hey hey, I lost, so I thought it would be hilarious to create an instructable on how to accept defeat.

Here it is:

1) Go home
2) Shower
3) Shave
4) brush
5) groom
6) dress up
7) caffeinate
8) call a friend
9) accomplish something
10) Draw till you fall asleep (image).

11) Write a song!

so today i lost to GRL
but that's okay
in my mind we were tied
i was one
and they were at least five
so i lost a laser cutter but that's all right
there's tomorrow and then tomorrows night
the day after that and the night that follows
i mean a whole series of tomorrows
filled with unanswerable questions of prize winners and contestants
constantly concerned with the colossal quest for knowledge
i plan to leave this town, graduated from college
maybe someday i'll have a job that pays and i'll be debt free

Anyhoo, I hope this makes some one other than me laugh.

Now that I've accepted defeat I'm thinking that my choices are one of three:
1) Quit while I'm ahead.
2) Join GRL
3) Contact a few of the people that voted for me and see if they'd like to take me as a no pay intern over the summer.

In this world, we must all realize that it's almost never a zero sum game, we all can have our little victories.

If the GRL comes by, I wanna let 'em know that I have only respect for them and the things they do. They do it best.

This post is intended for humorous purposes only. If you've suffered a defeat in your life please do not take the steps above as a form therapy. Side effects of over indulgence could include razor burn, wet computing syndrome, and peer misunderstanding.

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ewilhelm (author)2008-02-05

Send me your resume. Believe it or not, we actually pay our interns at Instructables!

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lamedust (author)ewilhelm2008-02-05

Pay?! Oh my, I really only worry about finding a place to sleep. /me laughs, I've been doing my own small business for so long I almost forget what it's like to receive a paycheck. I'll send you my resume, let me know what you think, even if we don't work out, maybe you can give me some pointers. -bg

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KentsOkay (author)lamedust2008-02-05

Agh! You are soo lucky! I won't be able to intern for awhile yet, but I'd love to when I can...
Nice pictures! Ever considered cartooning?

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lamedust (author)KentsOkay2008-02-05

Well, let's see how this search goes, I'd love to get out of Michigan, Nietzsche quote "My genius is in my nostrils" is often taken out of context. He meant that he can tell an area conducive to genius through his senses, his ideals were a mediteranian climate, clear sky, sun, warmth, I'd like to wager he's right. And about cartooning, no, I realized that it's a hit or miss with artistic endeavors so I started my own silkscreening buisness trying to merge those. It's tough though I tell ya. -bg

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Doctor What (author)2008-02-05

I love your drawings. Slightly confusing, but really good.

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jessyratfink (author)2008-02-05

The drawing reminds me a bit of Ralph Steadman (if his work was cleaner)... if that makes you feel better. Perhaps not. But I consider it a good thing.

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lamedust (author)jessyratfink2008-02-05

I love Ralph Steadman's work, I have his lizard lounge Gelaskin on my laptop! That is a lovely complement lady! -bg

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jessyratfink (author)lamedust2008-02-05

Yay! Happy you weren't offended. :P I just googled that Gelaskin and it is mighty sexy. I've never heard of Gelaskins until now. Excuse me while I go browse!

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lamedust (author)jessyratfink2008-02-05

Also, my work is hardly clean, this drawing was done with a lack of ink/spraypaint. I'm glad you found and enjoy gelaskin, they're a great company doing good work. Supporting artists, and creating creative jobs. It's neat, they're also prompt and cool guys. _BG

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