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Account Featujre Request: Download Instructable Favorites to Browser Answered

I would love to see some additional functionality added to Instructable's Favorites system if possible.

1. the ability to download your Instructables favorite's list to either a browser or text file. 
2. The ability to view Instructables favorites as a list
3. a search command that allows one to search through Instructables Favorites rather than the whole site.

I believe these additions would make for a better experience and make Instructables a more robust tool and resource.

Tempe, AZ

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wlsn (author)2017-05-04

I use to download all the intractables that I liked to a PDF. Now all I get is a txt file which I cannot read. What has happened here.

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seamster (author)wlsn2017-05-04

Hi there,

Sorry for any trouble the PDFs have been giving you. That PDF tool is currently being worked on and updated. An explanation is offered here, along with a quick solution for how to access them in the meantime: https://www.instructables.com/community/Downloading-not-working/

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Kiteman (author)2017-04-30

Interesting ideas.

Can I add a request for the ability to sort favourites into folders?

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