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Achiev'ibles - 12/08/2012 Answered

This forum topic shows who reached what patch milestones this week!

What is Achiev'ibles?
Achiev'ibles is an automated achievement system for Instructables by Jayefuu and Canucksgirl. It evolved from the old Total Views group. It uses a mix of Perl and PHP to record your Instructables profile stats each morning. We have a list of patches, these are automatically assigned each morning as and when you reach a milestone! Once a week we post a summary of who's achieved what so that you can congratulate/encourage friends.

How do I join?
Leave a comment below and I'll add you to the database. I can't currently automatically include members of the group.

Who achieved what this week? - Sunday 05/08/2012 - Sunday 12/08/2012

Total Views:



I'm still working on some new features. Canucksgirl has done patch artwork for several more stats and I'll hopefully be able to catch up on the programming to include these soon!


Hi Jayefuu!
I'm not sure if the bugs got fixed for this but I am interested in joining this group. I had a good week with one of my instructables and I'm giggling with joy about it. I am hoping to get my second patch ever!
Thanks! Deandra =)

I think that throwing in a 'please' wouldn't hurt here...

can i do it please

Can you add me please :)


5 years ago

I would like my data added to your base please.

Sign me up!

hi - thanks for putting this together! I was on the old list, but do not see myself under the 'members' tab on the page. please add me if i'm not there already!

Yeh, the members page is broken on the group :( You are on the list from before :)

Love this! (And long time no talk, Jayefuu). Sign me up!

You were on from Total Views.

Sweet! I love Patches.

Just got my "comments" patch, awesome!

I'm working on it, trying to make it epic for when the numbers roll over.

This is very cool! Could I be added please?

You're already on it, you were in the Total Views group :)

Has there been any thought given to sending patches for previous levels to current group members? It would only need to be the last level obtained. I just passed several of the milestones in the week leading up to this post, as I'm sure others have, and it will be many months, or more, before I can climb to the next level and earn the next patch. Sort of like a baseline. If it is something that can be easily automated it would be neat.

Easy to do, but I decided against it because i thought people would get annoyed if I sent them each 6 patches, I'd send over 1200 :p

Aw. I can promise you I would not be annoyed...

Whar if i already achieved most of this?

I do not want to be a spoilsport, but as old as I am, I feel obliged to warn of the dangers I see in the procedure.

The amount of published instructables may be a good indicative number, but can also lead to some members start posting any nonsense so to reach higher scores. Such behavior will INEVITABLY lead to a degradation of the quality of instructables.com and a consequent loss of image, which can be IRREVERSBLE.

It took much effort for years to reach the current status, and it is imperative to care that.

I think you're right, I've been thinking about this quite a bit since I visited San Fran and the idea appeared while talking about stuff with someone (can't remember who now).

However, it's something I'm watching. If it gets out of hand, I can delete people from the list. Though I think that the benefits outweigh the potential negatives. As Moem said, hopefully people will in their minds give more weight to best answers and featured numbers than not. And the total views inspires people to try harder with outreach for their projects and picture and text quality. It's comments that I'm most worried about, though I really hope that it will inspire people to leave nice comments rather than spammy ones.

I think Following has the biggest potential to increase views. It would incite more people to follow others, which would have a double effect. 1) It'd make people feel good because it's awesome when someone subscribes to you. Hopefully this would lead to more quality published Instructables. 2) It'd increase the number of people coming back to the site frequently since they'd get an email each time someoen they subscribe to published. It would be a REALLY easy patch to get if people were interested in getting patches, which I quite like.

Rimar, I hope Google translates this well for you. But typing it all out was as much for my benefit as yours :) When I've finished the programming I'll write paragraph for each type of patch, it'd be interesting to think about the negative/positive impacts for them.

How about just counting the featured ibles?

It is a good alternative, but MY criterion, YOUR judgement and THEIR standard can be totally opposite. I prefer read daily ALL RECENT and select those I want, for more details.

I'll be doing that, I have a patch for it that Liisa made. But yes, we can always revert to just that if people spam.


Maybe the more meaningful numbers could be highlighted more on the site?

Thanks for your long answer, James. The problem could not exist if you (the staff) are alert about it.

Maybe I am a spoilsport sometimes, anyway. Think I am an old man!

Personally I would never post nonsense-I'bles just to get a higher number, because it would lead to a lower percentage of featured Instructables. I find that number more meaningful than the total number of I'bles published because it gives some indication of quality.

It happens that I read All Recent several times a day. I do not confide in the judgment of others to decide what is good for me.

Surely you have a good attitude, but there are people that yes and people that not.

I don't doubt your experience. It's a shame that some of us value quantity over quality.

I think this has already happened (at all levels of the site - though not due directly to this specific script, just to boost numbers).

Yo creo que ese ya ha occurido. :(

Lira, maybe you are right. But the staff have managed well that, that is in sight. But this control must be permanent.

Luckily, as you know, through featuring, homepage, newsletters and search engines, bad content sinks and good content flies. There's a lot of rubbish around, but how often do you see it unless you're crawling through the recent feed. The good stuff gets picked up by blogs and the homepage and the bad stuff gets lost.

Can you add me please? I'm not far short of 25,000.

I just passed 900 followers...


Only 100 to go until your next patch then :) Here's a graph so you can extrapolate....

Oh, pretty!

(That's a surprisingly steady rise.)