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Achiev'ibles - Some interesting statistics Answered

Hi Everyone.

Tonight I did some updates to the Perl script which scrapes the statistics from your Instructable profile page. With the changes I made I now collect 3 more stats that I didn't before, because they were kept in weird places. As of tonight I'm now also collecting the number of people you're following, the number of favourites you have and your number of best answers (which is hidden, you can normally only see it by looking at the HTML). (Click here if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about and haven't heard of Achiev'ibles before)

So with these new stats, I thought it'd be fun to announce the 15 members with the most of each stat. And so here they are!

mary+candy 1450
jessyratfink 1161
scoochmaroo 979
Dr.+Pepper 845
Goodhart 755
sunshiine 697
dombeef 655
Hiyadudez 607
zieak 298
nfk11 257
knexinventer 249
AngryRedhead 230
PotatoCoffee 206
MegaMetal8 203
poofrabbit 190
rockhardmj 2344
poofrabbit 1039
MichelMoermans 439
knexinventer 380
ewilhelm 320
CrayfishYAY 282
possum888 272
annahowardshaw 255
canida 252
Kryptonite 236
DJ+Radio 226
dombeef 225
Win+Guy 224
Kaelessin 213
iceng 199
Lithium+Rain 199
-----Best Answers:
steveastrouk 835
Re-design 692
lemonie 575
Kiteman 365
kelseymh 344
rickharris 334
iceng 228
canucksgirl 214
NachoMahma 178
AndyGadget 161
RavingMadStudios 129
Vyger 127
yokozuna 103
jeff-o 102
gmxx 90
mikeasaurus 89

Ok so I actually included 16 for favourites and best answers, because the 16th places were so close to 15th.

Interesting stats? It should also be remembered that these aren't site wide, just for the 300 active site users that have signed up to be on the list.

Finally, Canucksgirl sent me a new patch design this week. I'm not yet collecting the number of featured yet as I can't find it as a raw number, only as a percentage. Image below!


Can You get the number of answers? If you can, you can multiply that by the percentage of the best answer to get the number of best answers.

whoops, misread, I meant to say, get the total number of 'ibles and multiply it by the percentage of featured.

Yes, that's what I'll have to do if I can't find the raw number somewhere.

For "following" and "favourites", is that the number of people they are following, and the number of projects they have favourited?

Or is it the number of followers they have and the number of people who have favourited their work?

(Or a combination of the above?)

The number they're following. And the number of projects they've favourited. Followers are the number of people following someone, which is confusing so for Achiev'ibles we've stuck with following and subscribers.

I kind of guessed that, just qualifying for others.

Ta. I've been looking at the terms for several weeks now so I have it set in my head what they mean :p