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Acrylic car paint.? Answered

Is the water based acrylic paint my car is painted with essentially the same as the artist acrylic paint I paint pictures with?


I guess not! The car paint contains resin which hardens and binds with the metal chemically on heat curing. The body of the car is heated in oven after it is painted on. There is some oil based solvent in the car paint too that makes the painting/spraying easy to apply. The pigment (color) comes in powder form which is mixed with the resin and solvent to make the required paint.

Apparently baking is not true for all car paints e.g the touch up paint you can buy over the counter is air drying.

Acrylic enamels may need baking when the car was originally sprayed.

but the touch up paint I did buy
to cover a scratch was a poor paint.
SO poor that I never used it again :P


I have used spray paint as well as brush on for small chips and find that if your patient and careful to prep and finish the job correctly they last as well as the original and can be invisible.

In the UK you can get 3 part paints that mimic the original paint job including the clear lacquer they put over the top.

Like this

Thanks for the link.
It's my lack of paintience :)
Now the dings are just too numerous..