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Actual Mods! Answered

These are actual products!


Either these pictures were horribly edited (unlikely if these are actual products and the pictures were pulled off their site) but for the most part other than the toilet paper one, the rest are photoshops, sorry to burst your bubble.

Then why does the keyboard look awkwardly 3D rendered? Along with that iphone in both different docks, looks EXACTLY the same as the next picture of the keyboard with the dock. You was saying?

Well, iphones have decent 2MP cameras in them so I'm told, enough to probably get a picture as good/better than the illegal copy they have there. Then, I will assume that they used an iphone to test this dock when they were constructing it? So either this is: 1. Fake (except the toilet paper roll, like I said, I've seen that before) 2. Built by lazy asians, but unlikely as most asians are work horses (have you ever seen a fat chinese person? I myself haven't, and no, sumo wrestlers don't count) (Brackets contined: Yes there are probably overweight buisness men over there in china, but their version of fat and our version of fat people are WAYYYY different in the states) 3. They never used an iphone for testing and therefore it's probably a waste of time buying that keyboard. Otherwise, It's STILL useless if you got a keyboard tray, unless it's so low to the ground it touches your feet, otherwise your iphone won't fit under your desk when you slide you keyboard back in.

Who can't live without their Ipod speakers on the john?

I suppose some just can't, but like me, when you have speakers that can be heard from a block away (even the lyrics you can hear), you find GREAT redundancy in putting out money for such a device.

for when you forget your headphones and want to DROWN OUT the BM sounds....BBBBRRRRRRrrraaatttttffffssss.... Ahh!

yep, the iphones are photoshopped.

He was talking about the iphones, not the ipod toilet paper dock, I do know that's real, I don't think the latter ones are however.

Lol, the iFart.