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Adapting powered pc speakers to hi fi speakers Answered

Adapting powered pc speakers to hi fi speakers - New!
by JayWalkerLeo - 10/21/09 9:16 AM

Does anyone know if it is possible to take the power unit out of a set of powered pc speakers and put it  into a set of basic hi-fi speakers. The reason is the left speaker of the pc set does not work properly but all the amp bits work. 

I have a pair of 20 (10+10) watt hi-fi speakers nothing special at all, but I wanted to know if i could swap the amp bits with all the cables from the pc set to the hi-fi pair without too many adverse affects.

Any help or advice is most welcome

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jeff-o (author)2009-10-21
skay2 (author)jeff-o2012-06-24

my borrowed pc external speakers are lousyy, , but how can i make a new setup/ basically how do i add the a/c power source. if i have a power supply, speakers, cable, can i make my own using better speakers? no not 200 watters, just for fun and using some low wattage quality speakers that havent been slammed on the ground like the ones i am 'borrowing' now. how to add he 'amp'/ for pc or mp3 player use..
i usually plug into my hifi system but it is in the other room.

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jeff-o (author)skay22012-06-25

If you have experience with electronics you could build an amp for your speakers. If you've never touched a soldering iron (and don't want to now) then maybe you could find a cheap amp on craigslist or kijiji. You may even find one for free - I just scored an amp and two 3-way speakers for free on garbage day from the neighbour's curb.

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Re-design (author)2009-10-21