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Add USB to ancient laptop without spending money? Answered

I have a Dell Latitude LM that I like for word processing because of the responsive almost full sized keyboard. BUT I need it to have a USB port. I got a PC card to USB port adapter, but doesn't work because I'm not so bright. Any ideas on getting USB through the diskette drive or CD-ROM? Or is this stupid?



6 years ago

if it's that old, it may have a serial port. So, you could possibly use a serial to usb adapter to achieve what you want. You may also need a usb male-to-female adapter.

Maybe you could start here.
http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.asp?spcDB=10311&spcWord=USB+Converters&keyword=serial usb

This looks promising. Found a card bus to USB adapter, but searching for a compatible driver. Thanks.

It would probably be easier to take the keyboard out and use that with another laptop/computer.

Nope. Not happening... not without spending money.

Not feasible. Does it have a docking port ? It MIGHT be possible through that, bit its certainly not something you'd do without some serious hardware and software work.

The laptop obviously is so old as to have no USB port?
Very hard, I doubt that this would be practically-possible.