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Add more channels to you factery controller rc helicopter? Answered

do any one no how to add more switch to your rc helicopter model GT QS8008 helicopter controller to add on/off for light switch and other think like a toy bomb drop?


well i got lucky and found one extra channel so i'll advice you to rip it apart and find IC search for the code written on it in http://alldatasheet.com/ if you are lucky you may have one or two more channel and i may even help you to use it and if not do as rickharris says.

CE manufacturers usally use same IC in mutiple toys to decrease cost thus leave empty channel for tinkers to have fun

i am not good with programing if you are talking about changing controler setting.

i am trying to modify the rc controller to have 2 switch what i need to add for on /off switch for led on rc helicopter and a servo switch to move back and forward for bomb dropper toy. GT QS 8008 RC HELICOPTER


I don't think you can reprogram those stuffs but what i mean is it may or may not have an extra channel hidden inside and by searching the code i don't mean programing it actually means name written on ic.Leave that follow this step by step:-
open your remote controller so you can see the circuit look for an ic it looks like a spider with many legs better search it in google image if you have never seen one.
if you have found it look for it's name written on it and search it on alldatasheet.com name is usally broken in lines search each line at a time once you get your search result download datasheet it should be a pdf and search for "channel" in it (don't try reading line by line search for this word) and then you'll get something like "4 channel RxTx module" if channel is more than buttons in your remote then reply to otherwise ask a new question on how to use RxTx module?

Not at all easy

IF you are lucky the manufacturer will have used a standard receiver that has more ch then are used you may be able to use these BUT it isn't likely

For a relativly low cat buy a RX TX system that has more channels