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Adding a seperate headphone socket box to a music keyboard that can be switced of Answered

Hello all, can anyone help? I am currently repairing a number of electronic keyboards, most of which have faulty headphone sockets due to plugs being inserted and then taken out sgain. I want to create a headphone box which splits the output but also enables you to switch the headphones of without taking out the plug thus minimising wear and tear on the socket. Any ideas please??


Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. I wanted to leave the headphone plug in the keyboard and create a device that can switch between the speakers on the keyboard and the headphones. The splitter is reallly just secondary but the main prority is to switch between the speakers on the synthesizer and heaphones without removing the plugs at all. Hope i've made sense. Cheers for the feedback.

The easiest would be to take a small box then, and run a wire for the switch and the headphone jack out of the keyboard. You could remove the headphone jack, and there you have a perfectly round hole to run a cable with multiple cores to the outside box. It would require some soldering and elbowgrease to bring it all to the outside, but I suppose this is a neat method without sticking a cable out of the keyboard elsewhere, and it does not need much additional electronic besides switches, cables and such.

Thanks schorhr, a neat idea and very hepfull. I can now go back in to the classroom and start working on your idea. Cheers mate!!!