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Adjustable Keyboard Tray Answered

Trying to figure out how to make an adjustable Keyboard/Mouse tray for ergonomic purposes. Seems like it might be relatively easy with some kind of flexible tubing e.g. flex eletrical conduit. and piece of wood for the tray.

Very surprised to find near 0 content on the web with this, especially since these trays aren't exactly cheap.



5 years ago

Is your idea to have it under the table and slide out then up?

No. I was thinking of something like the flexible tripod for cameras (http://smatechnology.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/joby-gorillapod-flexible-camera-tripod-clings-to-anything-1.jpg) for a keyboard. This way you could bend it into any position you wanted.

Thank you for the reply.

Any flex pipe cannot take the weight when you press on it to use a mouse. You would need something rigid that may swing out and lock into position with hardware.

For our use we don't really press hard on the mouse. So, as long as it can sustain the weight of the mouse and keyboard, I think we could be ok.

The extra hardware seems like it would be more difficult. However, I would love to see a design idea anyway.

That's the part the defeats the whole ergonomic business, it forces you to use a light touch and support the weight of your arm or hand resting on the tray. You might get away with using a stiffer flex pipe but after one time it shifts when you press to hard or knock it out of the way and leads to your mouse cursor across the screen to where you don't want it, it goes in the trash. And that is why there are no such things on the market.

Definitely things to keep in mind. None the less, there is still no DIY design out there that I can find for a very adjustable keyboard tray.