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Adruino cyclone dust sensor Answered

I am looking for suggestions for building a wood chip / dust level detector for the collection can of a cyclone vacuum.
I have tried using uv detectors, they get covered in fine dust and become in-effective.  I am thinking of using the ultrasonic sensor.
My objective is to detect the level of chips and dust collected in the debris can, and sounding an alarm when the can gets to the full point.

Any help on this subject would be appreciated.  I am new to working with these Adruino controllers and not real familiar with writing the Sketches for this.



You could use a loudspeaker, and measure how much power it takes to make a tone. When its covered, it will take more power.

Use a capacitive sensor.
Depending on your enclosure you might even be able to mount it on the outside if you use an adjustable one.