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How to delete a question? Answered

Just wondering how to delete a question from instructables!


talk to her basically im a girl but im slightly older and when i like a boy i talk to his friends more she might be frying to get close to you like that but im guessing your american or something because im from england but the thing is pay lots of attention to her give her obvious hints that you like her and stuff but dont leer at her cus that will just scare her off...

basically be nice and see how things go
good luck :)

This is pretty much what is going on with me except that I am the girl! She might feel nervous around you, and fee;s comfortable talking to your friend because they both have something in common, that they like you. So don't worry, she probably still likes you!

+1 to Lemonie. Also remember, to find the perfect woman, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs.

This is a "find out and learn" thing, your life not ours

I say be totally straight and honest - go with what you get. (if necessary practice)


People can "like" more than one person, you know. People can even date more than one person. It's rather early to be putting pressure on her to officially pick one over another.

At this point, "proceeding further" is just a matter of spending more time together. That happens if/when one or both of you makes the effort to make it happen. A "date" can be as simple as hanging out together, even if it's in the company of other friends, or working on some project together (any shared hobbies or interests?).

To have good friends, be a good friend. And having a good friend who's a girl is a good first step toward having a girlfriend.

If your rich you won't be alone for long ;-)

That depends on how rich you are, how _visibly_ rich you are, whether you're looking and how picky you are about what you find (or what finds you).


7 years ago

Just be honest and hope for the best

1. If you want to be rich in the future avoid girls!
2. Maybe she talks to your friend more because he talks to here ore - if your interested make a hard play for the young lady - tell here how you feel and see what happens
3. Be prepared for disappointment - if it doesn't happen then great. but better be prepared.

Yeah, but who wants to be rich alone? Anyways, I don't have any tips, as i'm not exactly a matchmaker, but be yourself.