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Advice sought on hacking my Xootr kick scooter. Answered

I love my Xootr Scooter. I'd probably love it even more if it didn't keep trying to kill me. I live in NYC and ride the scooter on both streets and sidewalks. The problem is that whenever the front wheel hits a sudden discontinuity greater than about half an inch, it flips, attempting to take me with it on a 360º journey that would no doubt end with my brains splattered on the pavement. 

So far my reflexes have remained fast enough to leap off at the last microsecond; but I'm not getting any younger; which also means I would feel like a fool wearing a helmet to ride the same type of vehicle children so blithely scoot up and down the block on.

Anyway: I've looked for inflatable tires that fit the scooter. They don't seem to exist. I've considered trying to add a suspension, but I don't weld and it's probably beyond my abilities anyway.

My most recent idea is to use a drill to honeycomb the front tire with holes and then fill the holes with a 'bouncier' substance. (Sugru, perhaps?)Any suggestions, advice, or comments would be greatly appreciated.


There aint a lot you could do with that: it's the size of the front wheel.
You might be able to find a different front-end, but that's all I'd consider doing myself.


Why is it the size that causes flips? Wouldn't an inflated tire of the same size absorb some of the shock and make it less likely to overturn upon impact?

It`s where the forces are, larger diameters cope with obstacles better.



Thank you. The illustration really made it clear. Still--springier material might still help, you think?

Springier tyres may help, but you'd want quite a bit of spring, like full pneumatic tyres I think.


Thanks again. Perhaps theres some new 'super-substance' that could do the job as well. Otherwise, do you by any chance 'scoot'? If so, is there a model with bigger tires you'd recommend?