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After I make a batch of pancakes, how do I clean the hot pan so the next round doesn't get fouled with residual gunk? Answered

it's brown, it smells awful, and it's all over my pan after a few rounds of pancakes. What is it, grease? I don't want to eat it! How do I get it off!?



Best Answer 9 years ago

It's just a mix of grease and bits of starchy stuff that has stuck to the pan and caramelized or burned. You can either scrape it off with your spatula, or better yet take a couple of folded-up paper towels dipped in a bit of oil, and wipe the pan down when you start to get too much build-up.

I cook with low enough heat not to cause much of the residue you speak of but if it does build up I just scrape it with my plastic spatula so I don't ruin the teflon finish. I use oil with a little flour mixed in too. (Pam or similar)


9 years ago

I can only speak for British pancakes (similar to crepes) but when your making them you need the batter to be really thin (almost like milk) and the pan to be really hot, with a splash of oil. The first one doesn't really work that well in my experience, probably due to impatience. As for American pancakes, I've only ever made them out a box (aunt jemima or bisquick) and have never really had any trouble with them sticking, I just slide a pallet knife around them and flip them.

When I make pancakes, I pour the oil into the pan, swirl it around, and then pour it back out into a mug (ready for the next pancake).

What are you using to cook the pancakes? I don't remember ever getting that when I make them.