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What can I use for airbrush paints? Answered

OK, so I recently bought an airbrush set for $20 at a garage sale. I don't have an air compressor, so I bought the canned proppelant stuff and the nozzle attachment I need, for another $20. Then, I noticed there wasn't a hose in the kit, so I spent about 12 more bucks. I would love to try it out, but I don't have airbrush paint, and I am reluctant to spend any more money on this project. I do, however, have some standard Testors model paint laying around my workbench. Will this work in my airbrush or will it clog it up or damage it in any way?





Best Answer 8 years ago

 you could use acrylic art paint. its cheap and usable. however, you need to water it down a lot. an acrylic paint bottle is only about 2$ or 1$ at an art store.

well i rly dont no a lot about airbrushes, but to my understanding, you have to thin it, with paint thinner, or if it requires, soap and water. i have no idea haw much, but im sure if you went to google or a local model hobby shop they could probably give you some advice

first off, it depends what kind of airbrush is it and what kind of o rings ,teflon  for solvents type paint to run through it. proper cleaning should be used for type of paint. acrylic is good , just dilute  like 3-4 drops water to one drop of paint, they say ammonia based windex is good to clean out brush for this type of paint. try and  get your self a compressor instead of the propellent type cuz of freeze up. enamel based paint  requires mineral or thinner base to clean or dilute. im not wanting to go there yet, inks , colored water is a good start to practice with for the mean time. remember to clean up after using any paint , or it will spit and sputter next time . good luck  onecrofly bye bye