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Airplane gaming cockpit build? Answered

Is there any possible way to make a gaming cockpit that would look a little like the inside of one and function of of a joystick and some soft ware, would there have to be a separate monitor for it, and have rudder pedals that work. Im limited to certain materials but i can buy some. It doesn't have to tilt or anything. dont tell me im stupid just a kid with a dream.


Welcome - Go on build one - i promise it will improve your fun (it did mine!) mind my wife thinks it's nuts!.

Rogerdodger.net sell plans for building cockpits. I built mine that way - it was cheap and awesome.

This is what I did:

Google "cockpit simulator" and prepare to be wowed!

You can go as far as you want with this project. 

And if that's stupid then there are lots of us stupid people out here.

Its sure possible, take a look around for instructables and related websites. This might be a good link to start with