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Airport internet kiosk haunts my dreams. I must have one. Answered

I was at the Dallas airport and they had these great little kiosks with internet access. THE KEYBOARDS WERE AWESOME. They appeared to be indestructible and had a satisfying feel to them.... The kiosk had a few inscriptions: "Clearchannel", "Neptune Networks", and "DWF Free Internet". Does anyone know where I could find such a keyboard for my very own, or at least a supplier for those tasty, tasty push buttons?


Wow! At that price they can KEEP them. I'm not even that hard on my keyboard in the shop. But they do look nice though.

Your comment seems to have jumped - that's interesting isn't it? (I got the notification so it must have been to me) L

You know, it's funny-- I wiped out my phone to take note of the any model numbers and completely ignored the camera function. I suppose it's a little dumb of me to think that Clearchannel would actually be the manufacturer. I'll research vandal resistant keyboards. These keys had an even but firm feedback-- I'll have to get my fingers on a buckling keyboard to see if that's it. Thanks for all the quick replies.

At a guess you're probably looking for a buckling spring keyboard. They have a much more solid feel than membrane keyboards, and they're nearly indestructible, so good for public kiosks.

However they're hard to find since hardly anyone makes them anymore. These guys seem to still make them though. You might also try eBay for old IBM model M keyboards.

Heh, we're tossing keyboards like that at work all the time! I should round 'em up and sell them on eBay.