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Airsoft Gun I bought Answered

I bought a airsoft gun which looks like a AK-74u and with a folding stock i bought it for a 100$ and I want to know if it was a good buy

350 fps
foldible stock
3 tac rails
chager and all adapter including
be-be spin adjuster

It includes a bunch of other stuff to


You've paid $100, it hasn't even arrived yet, and you're asking other people "if it was a good buy"?
There is something wrong about this; what are you going to do if someone says "no, that's a rip-off"?


I already knew it was a good buy for what I'm going to be using it for. I just wanted to know what other people thought, but I didn;t really care

Yes, you wanted to say "I just spent 100$ on this cool gun"
But how can anyone be impressed or jealous if we can't see it or you don't give us the make & model?


You know what I don't really care talking about this,thank you for your "contructive" comments but thats fine and I don't feel like posting any pics and I wasn't trying to brag or anything

wasn't trying to brag or anything

What were you trying do do then? I'm just interested in why people do things, I'm not interested in annoying folks for my amusement.


I was just trying to think of something to do

Yes, I do that too. I guess I'm lazy in just commenting on stuff...? I should go and make something.


From MY experience, any attempt to inquire about why people do things, except on rare occassions, brings annoyance. :-) I am always trying to figure out why "I" do certain things ;-)

I don't care*, why do you?


*about annoying people in the process of doing something worthwhile / learning.

Just an observation ;-)  

Personally I do a lot of borrowing / tunnelling into my own self,  always wandering what made me do this or that, when it is a knee-jerk reaction.  

Can be quite interesting, we're our own best friends and our own worst enemies. Trying to figure out how people will react, how I will react, and keeping everything civilized is more of an art than a science it seems.

Tis impossible, which is the battle cry of those recovering from co-dependency......I shouldn't need to try. :-)

when this was posted it was still in the mail and now I have it so I will post some picures as soon as I can