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Aleluya !!!! .....Ok now run ok? Answered

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Hello again

Ok, i think finally i have founded the revolve in order,

but a lot of times to understand why not was good before!.

( it was an important step, but in the video is all fast, and not clear to understand).

I do that in seconds in other programs, but cost time to understand

what is what here in Fusion. ( for example,you do one line twoo times here,

in other program that is a error/fout after !).

So ok, is not difficult but the videos are fast fast.

Thanks, is interesant


( here one last attachement, for these simpel step/revolve profiel)

ALELUYAAAA.............hahahaha !!!

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-02-25

Thanks for the feedback. I've had the same comment form other students, and the new classes and videos I've been producing are much slower and easier to follow. I would suggest watching the Youtube videos of the webinars (links on the class landing page) if you still need some clarification. It looks like you've gotten pretty far judging from your screenshot though. Keep it up!

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