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All photos do not show Answered

I created an Instructable today. It contains about 15 photos. Looking at the published page I only see the first set of thumbnails. I can't scroll to uncover more. Clicking a thumbnail does not enlarge it.




I now see that the images do appear in IE, but not in Firefox.

Do you have AdBlocker or any other type of add-on with FF? They may be preventing the page from loading correctly.

Which version of Firefox, and what OS (add that to your text)? I'm using FF 3.6.27 on MacOSX, and your awesome project shows up fine -- all pictures, all image notes, and the left/right picture scrolls are there.


I'm on FF 10.0.2 / Windows 7. I just tried it in Safari on my Max and it works there too. Must be something with my FF version.

Thanks for the generous comment about my project..

I guess this question is not solved, but closed.


Check that the script "GoogleAdServices" is allowed to run on your FF installation.