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Almost DESIGNED for THIS GROUP ! Answered

MAKE 16 is out with the front page heading of: SPY TECH!

Very cool....LINK to Makezine


They tell you how to make: a USB flashdrive within a battery ( the battery does work ), a listening device within a book, a communicator that sends sound over a laser ( by itself it isn't great, but think of the possibilities . . . . ), a chess set that when the pieces are moved correctly, a box unlocks, an alarm that goes off with your recording when an object is moved, that cellphone thing, a survival kit, hollow-bolts, self-melting objects ( like keys that melt on your command ), and invisible-ink printers. That is a mouthful, so subscribe to the digital edition ( like me ) and get it all in a nicer format. I did not intend that to be an advertisement, but it came out that way.

The communicator over a laser can be adapted to become a listening device when bounced off a window....etc. Yes, this was definitely one of the more fun issues I have gotten :-)

Oi! That's the Mad Spy vs. Spy spies...

It's been around so long too (I remember reading it in the Grocer's when I was with my parents, oh some 33+ years ago...)

I think it's been round since the 50's...

Probably, but I don't remember back that far ;-)

. If you remember the 70s, you weren't really there. ;)

I was too young in the 70's to get involved in most of the stupidity (Thank goodness!). I can just see myself in polyester, groovin to disco, in the ineterest of getting chicks...SCARY!

which part is scary? The plolyester part, the disco part, or the chicks part?

Disco and polyester. I've always been sypathetic to Punk and I love Southern Rock. I usually wear cotton, wool, or leather. But if it took polyester and disco to get chicks, I probably would have given in. Thank goodness I was more a part of the skater scene as well as the early grunge scene.

ahh, i see...

these days, it's the "ghetto scene", where everyone sings un-creative songs about cranking souljas...

Oooh. That's even worse than polyester/disco! I'm not sure I'd stoop to that level to get a girlfriend. I guess I'd just have to wait till they grew out of it.(or pursue a nice nerd-girl).

no, don't worry, the type of chicks that think they're ghetto aren't "attractive"...

i'm just glad there are some normal people at my school too =-)

As one Ziggy cartoon put it (picture him standing with his hand on his back): "Oh, I think I just slipped a disc-o...."

. I was the guy with bell bottom jeans, tie-dye t-shirt, and a 'Fro. Cruisin' for chicks in my Dodge Maxivan with Peter Frampton in the 8-track. . Peace, Bro.

I have NO doubt that is 100% accurate LOL

*chuckle* and I was just old enough not to get involved with all the craziness LOL.

We met them in person once...



Yes, as I just got mine today, I am waffling back and forth between the book and the Magazine LOL

If that's how you get fiber, try adding some syrup. It'll taste better...

I have been told I have a bit of moral fiber ;-)

Have you been told you might be full of it? :)

You don't stay full of any kind of fiber for long.....it kind of "goes right through you" and needs constant replacement ;-)

Thanksh Mr. Trebek, wordsh that shtart with esh for 800...Sean Connery

They have some interesting things to build or use as ideas for bigger or different projects.

i like that camera mod....

i'm wondering if it could capture infrared light through the telescope...
but then i'd need a super powerful infrared lamp... :-/

I just got that issue yesterday...my first MAKE issue...<3

A great one to start with (mine first one was the Mind hack issue :-)

Make 16?

Settles down to wait beside mailbox

Oh sorry, I keep forgetting......the 2600 mails out it's subscriptions so that people around the globe get it on about the same day, give or take a day.