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Altoids University Survival Kit Suggestions Answered

Evening everybody, I am working on a altoid survival kit to send to a friend who just started university. I was thinking things like condoms, mints, pencil & pen. But Im kind of stuck now. What else should I throw into it do you think?

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PKM (author)2009-09-28
  • paper money
  • A small map of the city folded up, with a pen to mark good places to eat/drink/sleep in doorways
  • keyring torch to find things lost in the dark
  • a holder for an index card sized planner showing your lectures, seminars etc for the week (would have saved me some trouble when I was a student!)
  • safety pins for when your formal clothes get a tear when you're at a ball (if you're the guy who has a safety pin to hand when their dress falls apart, the girls will love you)

Those are just a few ideas. Think of all the common scrapes people get into at uni, and what small items can alleviate them.

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RedneckEngineer (author)2009-09-23

How about some McDonalds gift certificates or any other fast food place. A few raman noodle recipes or some of the other good ones on the site. Aspirin for the day after a good night. Penicillin for the day after a good night. "gator clip" so that they can work on Instructables (wink wink). Rolling papers for the cheap tobacco (lol) he will have to roll himself. Eye drops to get the red out. And I'm sure there's more if you stop and think about it.

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