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Aluminum from aluminum hydroxide? Answered

I have some aluminum hydroxide and I have been trying to find a way to strip the Al(OH)3 of it's hydroxide ions to form an aluminum precipitate. It's nonsoluble so a reaction in an aqueous solution does not seem to be an option, also considering that the only other more reactive metals than it would ignite upon contact with water anyhow. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?


Heat it to the oxide and add carbon to form aluminum and carbon dioxide.


8 years ago

If you can get it hot enough to melt and then run a DC current through it I think the aluminum would plate itself onto the cathode.

I'd suggest mixing it with an acid to get rid of the the hydroxide and then add magnesium to that (Mg seems to be more reactive than Al)

According to the table on Wikipedia's reactivity page, there might be some potential in using electrolysis.