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Aluminum not oxidized ? Answered

Isn't it essentially always oxidized on the surface? It simply doesn't oxidize more once the surface is oxidized. That should happen very quickly. Chemistry class was 40 years ago, so Al has had a lot of time to change how it works! (Err, or not.)

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-02-02

Yes. That's basically what I said.

"Aluminum typically oxidizes very little and does not rust."

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recumbent bike (author)randofo2018-02-22

Aluminum is very chemically acttive, it forms aluminum oxide readily in an oxygen atmosphere.Iron has the same characteristic either forms red or black oxide (iron 2 or iron 3). The answer is both aluminum and iron rust, we like black rust and aluminum rust because they stabilize the material. It's the same reason we pay extra for gold connectors, copper is a much better conductor of electricity then gold, copper oxide isn't

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