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Always in Enlish? Answered

Hello. My name is David, I´m from Spain and my english is basic and poor. Could I publish my instructable in spanish?. Thank you.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Publish your instructables in any language that you wish. Those that are interested can translate for themselves. Go for it!

Yes, you can! There is a small community of Spanish-speakers on the site, and a number of Spanish-language Instructables. You may want to contact members like Rimar2000 and blkhawk, and some of the members of the Instructables en Castellano group.

You will, unfortunately, probably get rude comments from some of our ignorant teen-age members, who don't understand what "world-wide" means. I hope that you can ignore those, and focus on the positive comments you will also receive.

If you use things like Google translate, it will translate it almost perfectly, but we will help as much as we can.

. I like it when an English translation is included (a la Rimar2000), but it is not required.

I know that a lot of people doesn´t understand spanish languaje so I´ll try to traslate my instrutable. I'm not a professional translator and I studied english 24 years ago. If you find any mistakes , don't hesitate to inform me and some of the jokes you write to me will be difficult to understand so please accept my apologies for this. By the way, my instructable is an homemade penny farthing (jus a bit of publicity).

Esto puede ser el español malo, pero Google es tu amigo traducir si usted tiene el tiempo o hacerlo.

I presume that French Instructables can be admitted too.
Happy to discover that a Instructables en Castellano exists.

See my reply to the original poster. I have seen a few French I'bles, but not as many as in Spanish. I do find a forum topic, and an associated group.


7 years ago

Si, hay unos cuantos en castellano/espanol ya, así que ir a por ello. Usted puede recibir peticiones para traducirlo. Muchos de nosotros aquí también te puede ayudar a traducir, solo pregunte.

Muchas gracias. El caso es que he publicado y no aparece. Cuanto tarda en publicarse?

A las pocas horas, por lo general.

Es publicado. Se ve bien hasta ahora.