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Am I A Reverend ? ( UK only question ). Answered


I was given this certificate as a Christmas present.

I thought it was just a novelty but was assured that I could, if I wished, now sign legal forms/change my bankbook/change my passport to utilise the prefix Rev, because this is an officially recognized church.

I was overjoyed but very, very skeptical.

I Googled but can only find one site under The International Church Of Atheism, which is  very basic and without contact details.


Reading around the subject it seems that this kind of thing is legal in the US of A ( such as the First Church of Atheism ) and even allows you to perform weddings but I can't find any useful info on how much weight this carries in the UK.

I know that it will not give legal status to performing marriages or any heavyweight duties here but I do like the idea of having Rev. on my driving licence; would anyone know if it at least allows that ?

Does anybody with actual legal knowledge know ?

No guesses or opinions please, I've found enough of those while Googling.

Thank you for your help.

Rev. Friend Of Humanity.

After Kiteman's comment I feel that I should state that I Photoshopped my real name out in order to illustrate this question.

And just to clarify:
I am asking if I can legally use this prefix on my passport etc.
I do not have any plans to use it in any practical way such as performing/witnessing marriages.



Well, a wedding ceremony can be SAID by anyone in the UK, provided it is done in a suitable approved venue, it is the act of REGISTRATION which can only be conducted by the registrar of births, weddings and deaths OR in the sole exception, an ordained minister of the Church of England.


Thank you Steve Astro for your best answer , at the bottom of the comments, which was a resolute 'no'.

Unless "Friend of Humanity" is your legal name, this is worthless even in the US.

Dear Kiteman,

I Photoshopped my real name out in order to illustrate this question.
I thought that my inexpert attempt would evident.
Sorry, I should have made that clear.

Kind Regards

Rev. Friend Of Humanity.

Haha, I'm using an iPod right now, and I didn't think to look closely.

In the UK, you can officiate at a wedding without qualification, or be a celebrant, but you cannot actually marry somebody without being an official registrar (either with the local regigistry office, or with one of the mainstream churches).

In other words, you can say everything up unto the "Do you ____ take ____ to be your lawful wedded _____"....which is, AFAIR, the registrar's bit


Thank you everyone for your replies.

What I am actually asking ( weddings aside) , is can I legally, as a result of this certificate, now change my passport etc. to the prefix Rev. ?


Rev. Friend Of Humanity.