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Am I using this guitar humidifier correctly? Answered

I recently acquired this Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, and on the package it says no leaks because the holes are on the side. I can only store my guitar (in its case) on its side, so one side is facing downwards. I am putting in the minimum recommended water amount, but i am still worried it will leak. Will it leak? Will I have to store the case laying flat? I really don't want my new acoustic to crack or warp, but i also don't want it to collect water, as this will mess up the wood. Please help!!!



Best Answer 6 years ago

Yeah, I think you've got it. Just make sure the sponge in the humidifier has soaked up all the water. Wipe it down, maybe shake it a little to dislodge any droplets.

I use a home-made guitar humidifier--take a camping soap carrier (the type that snaps shut), poke some holes in it. Cut a sponge up to fit inside, soak it with water, and place it in the case--anywhere will do. Done. "Recharge" the sponge every few weeks.

Probably would make an easy instructable for someone.

That is a genius idea. You should make an instructable.

I've never heard of a guitar humidifier before - do you actually need to use it?

If you live in an area of high elevation and low humidity, your guitars can be messed up. My grandfather has an expensive Ovation that he stored in his basement for a few years. When he took it out, its neck was warped and it had large cracks on the body. (he now uses a full size humidifier, because he has multiple acoustic guitars)

Haha, low humidity is not generally a problem in the UK...

I wondered this also. Taylor suggests using these. I bought a taylor about 3 years ago and don't use a humidifier and my guitar is still un-cracked yet. I had never heard of the practice until I read my Taylor manual.

At what altitude do you live though? I live near the Rocky Mountians in Colorado, where it is also very dry.

I live in Texas where the humidity ranges from very low to very high depending on the time of year. The guitar is stored in a house with a/c so it stays pretty dry inside but I take it out in the back yard or in my workshop lots to play(practice) so it's going in and out of the controlled environment often.

Yeah I am not sure. I just don't want to take the risk with my new Takamine.

My youngest has a guitar, and loves his gadgets, but he's never suggested that he needs a humidifier.