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Amazing LEGO Crawler Town Answered

A solar array, grandstands, aircraft runway, elevator, and an assortment of support vehicles, this epic LEGO creation has it all! Flickr user DeGobbi has created a rolling city out of LEGO blocks and what must have been months of hard work.

There's even a back-story to go along with the epic build:
"Crawler town roams the barren wastes of a post steam-punk world after cataclysmic climate change do to excessive coal use. Several such cities exist but Crawler town is the most popular due to the Aero 500 hydrogen fuel cell Air races that are held."
Yup, looks like he's thought of everything with this build, there's even a place to grab a beer!

There are plenty of close ups of the entire project and all the details, you can check them out here.

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monsterlego (author)2011-11-20

Another example of epic lego win.

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lemonie (author)2011-11-19

Very nice, offshore-platform/aircraft carrier.


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iceng (author)2011-11-18

My daughter was in a mech robot design course ( only LEGO ) that I audited
and was allowed to assist in a winners take all competition.

Great creative rewarding experience.


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