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Amazing Papercraft Castle Answered

This deluxe papercraft castle in Japan was made over the course of four years. It has its own lights and even an electric train! But seriously, that's enough of an explanation, just hit the link below for lots more pretty pictures. Go!

A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean via boingboing


Очень-очень красиво!

Haha, they should make an origami/kirigami book for that design lol. The book would be $300.00 And 5000000 pages with 10 steps each

And require a "pleasently screwing driver" ....I put togeather a desk from ebay. It was japanese Desk, the translation needed just wee bit of work LOL

Haha, I'd buy it. Well, only if it came with glue :P

I'd love to try this... maybe make my city...

words cann't describe it

amazing is such an understatement in this case :o

Man, wouldn't it be AWESOME if someone lit it on fire?

 that thing is so awesome!!!!1!!!!Where can I get one?


8 years ago

Wish I had a castle..

Looks like a LOT of work, but wow what an end product, eh?  :-) 

I'm much to lazy for that!

Well, to tell the truth, I won't be doing it any time soon either ;-) 

how many papercuts must that have caused during construction!!!!

Isn't that just the coolest papercraft you've even seen?  :-) 

The detail on the model is amazing! I can't believe that it is all made of paper.

I hope he doesn't have any electrical issues in there....

Wooooow, that is stunning, and it looks so delicate and perfect. The ferris wheel and roller coaster are nice touches.

super awesome, i want one

my goodness! they are incredible! i love paper crafting and have done many of them but i haven't done anythign this big. even if they didn't color the castle, it looks so amazing! I wonder if i could do this kind of thing. hmmp.


8 years ago

pretty amazing!

ooooh, ahhhhh

Holy Moley. Incredible.

holy crap! thats incredible!it must have taken you ours to build that thing!

I don't think they would be happy of someone broke it...

Wonder how long they have to change the LED's and battery's...


9 years ago


Fantastic...someone had a lot of time on their hands :-)

Goodness me!


9 years ago

I saw this on Make, Pretty Cool!