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Amazon Kindle Questions Answered

An Amazon Kindle book-reader is rising rapidly up my list of gadgets-to-get.

A probably-dopey question, but: can you transfer files to the Kindle by USB (the published specs mention a USB charger, but not USB file-transfer) or are you restricted to the Whispernet thing?

And, since it has both a Wi-Fi connection and a 3G connection, has anybody turned one into a Wi-Fi hotspot?


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According to Amazon, you can do file uploads (maybe even downloads) to the Kindle. I don't know whether it supports offloading as well. [Found using "Kindle USB upload"]

It does not look like the Kindle can be configured as a Wi-Fi repeater/hot-spot. [Using "use kindle 3 as a hotspot" gave no hits with answers]

It seems the Amazon.com site has much more information than the .co.uk version.

Since my google-fu pointed me mostly to Amazon, and I had already failed to find the info, I ignored those links...


"It seems the Amazon.com site has much more information than the .co.uk version."

That sounds like a bit of a .co.uk up to me.

It seems the Amazon.com site has much more information than the .co.uk version.

Since my google-fu pointed me mostly to Amazon, and I had already failed to find the info, I ignored those links...


Kindle supports Java BUT you wouldn't be able to play action games.

what the heck? When you responded it said I have a responce to my question, and now it sent me a message that I awnsered this "question."

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Highlight the word you want to turn into a link, then click the Link icon, and then paste the URL into the popup box. When you hit OK the word you had highlighted will be a link.

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I did take the time to look it up :-) The cut down java script in the Kindle can't handle it Just for information.

Example reading this instructable question/answer - Sorry about untidy desk.


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Yes I have one - you can transfer via USB and charge fro PC as well. The Kindle will accept Kindle files MP3 files, Jpegs and PDF files, Also if you DL the Stanza programme (free) you can convert a lot /most ebook files to Kindle with a fair amount of success. EG the books from googlebooks or project Guttenburg.

It also access the Internet (slow by better than nothing) use Gmail or similar and you can send/receive emails etc. It can stor up to 3500 books. and will if you like read then to you

Overall i think it is great and I am not gadget oriented generally, it is very flexible and readable even in dim light (no back light)

battery lasts 1 month or so if wireless turned off.

is in G3 as well as wireless form - I have wireless as I don't generally expect to use it away from some wireless source.

Sorry for Sp errors I sent this from my Kindle, the keyboard is single finger and quite small as well as hard to see in this light. :-) i forgot to mention the down side!

You can look at Instructables on it???

I want to play Runescape on "my" ipod im getting for christmas, (a month away) but that's not going to happen because they no like java.
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Yes you can see most web content, that is it has a web browser inbuilt, except for video as the display isn't real time as it were - To save loading speed i disable the pictures unless I really need them