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America is doomed - only days left Answered

Brace yourself, America - you're due to be destroyed before the end of December!

Quite by chance, I came across this Koran-based prediction from The Jerusalem Post via Skeptical News.

You're all going to be scraped off the planet by a giant tsunami, partly because of the way you have treated Native Americans. Quite how destroying their homeland makes things better, I can't quite see...


Someone should send a "happy new year from USA" card to Mister Ziad Silwadi =o)

I tried to e-mail him but his out-of-office reply said he was on vacation. He's apparently Tuna fishing in Colorado but should be back a week on Wednesday. Cheers, Pat. Pending

Ha! Now you guys are all dead while I'm stuck here fighting off mutant-mer-people, while trying to find company other than my dead parrot. Me-Is-Story!

Well it's 2008 so I guess all the Americans are dead by now. I'm going to miss those guys. Anyhoo that reminds me, I heard about this guy who was forewarned of a massive flood. He built himself a huge boat (probably from plywood and duct tape). When he had finished he took two of every kind of animal and when the waters came he and all the animals were saved whilst everyone else perished. It sounds plausible to me but others have suggested it was just another urban myth. Happy 2008 (CE) Pat. Pending

so this is what it is like being dead... no wonder dead people never call!

OMS I'm dead? Unless th afterlife is the same as the first, I'm alive, but not well.

The Nac Mac Feegle believe they are already dead, and have done something good in their previous life, since a world so full of wondrous things to drink and fight must be heaven.

Removes hat, attempts to play last post on snail shell horn, fails.

Do you think that's true?

Er, no - check my page for my opinions on religion.

Then again, the Qur'an did mention the Big Bang, evolution, and more >_>

Big Bang? In the Qur'an / Koran? Then what about all the Islamic Creationists?

The big bang was intelligently initialized don't you see ? Who was it that spoke of an "explosion in a junk yard" not being able to create anything ? (was that Fred Hoyle ?)

A few comments: not arguing just some meandering thoughts.....from the link...

# 1:They calculate the probability of the formation of a "modern" protein, or even a complete bacterium with all "modern" proteins, by random events. This is not the abiogenesis theory at all.

Comment: one of the main arguments used is that abiogenesis is not really part of the theory of evolution anyways. It has nothing to do with a gecko becoming a bird. It should not even enter into the conversation on evolution nor on the Big Bang (an astrophysical event).

# 2: They assume that there is a fixed number of proteins, with fixed sequences for each protein, that are required for life.

What does this have to do with the big bang? As the rest of the list would have the same comment, I will end here.

Too often either side of the argument argue for the sake of either argument itself, or just "to be correct", rather then addressing a subject with the actual subject so as not to leave me wondering: but what has that to do with the price of eggs in China?

You have pointed out some of the mistakes YECs make when trying to argue against evolution using cosmology, or BB using biology.

Yep, it is committed from both perspectives sadly.

a question if I may: a little off subject......have you ever read: Einstein's Greatest Blunder the Cosmological Constant ? [http://hey calculate the probability of the formation of a "modern" protein, or even a complete bacterium with all "modern" proteins, Link here]

Much later, when I was discussing cosmological problems with Einstein, he remarked that the introduction of the cosmological term was the biggest blunder of his life.
-- George Gamow, My World Line, 1970

I have a few of Gamow's books too...namely: One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science....cool reading material.

BTW: my post below is addressing the info at the link you gave, not the comment nor your intent. :-)

Lol According to the banner I'm seeing at the top of this page, your end is postponed ;oP


10 years ago


silly tsunami cant hurt me. ill just go to my underground bunker...

Um, water seeps downhill.....maybe the top of a mountain would be better ?

I'll go into my underground submarine (that way I'll stay safe from flying debris until the water loosens the dirt around it) :P Though, I'm sure if there was a tsunami large enough to wipe America clean, it'd probably also end up destroying the rest of the world too.

underground submarine

If it is underground rather then under water it has been converted from a submarine to a subterran LOL

The only way to save yourselves is with a bunch of culligan water jugs. I've got mine. Do you have yours?? Or we could all just go to japan til' january.

you didn't duct tape cellophane around your house ??? you are doomed !

The duct tape and cellophane is good for making water stills. What's the official purpose... smallpox/antrax/flu quarantines?

Yes, something like that was the original intent...
Now it has been discovered that it is only good to suffocate the ignorant (most furnaces will put out SOME CO2 and or CO, it it isn't a recommended practice anymore)


10 years ago

This is so much more exciting than "only (X) more shopping days 'till Christmas!"

Beam me up Scotty! America has screwed it's self already, bought time it got totally finished off, although the most resourceful will probably survive....

Hmmmm...not too concerned, here in Kansas. I'm only a couple hundred miles east of the geographic center of the US. And a tsunami spreads out in a circular pattern, so it wouldn't be just the US, unless it magically stopped at Mexico and Canada.

. I'm ready. Almost finished backing up all my HDDs, so bring it on. DVDs are water-proof, aren't they? heehee

I'm ashamed to say I'm american. I want to go to Iran!

OHHH NOOS Aiigh!!! Where's mah water wings. If you're up there, please save me, Superman.

Days, weeks, years if one "believed" and changed their lives because of the new information (even if true; especially if true), then they hadn't been "living" up to that point. Human beings can be a sad lot.

Gah! I'd better fly the the safest place on Earth, then... the middle east! ......silly Koran, giant tsunami's are for kids!