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American Inventor Answered

Did you watch last night? I agreed with the judges on the final three. 6-in-1 bra - I don't wear clothes that would require something like that. I liked her and I liked her product. Guardian Angel Tree Extinguisher - I liked him and I liked his product. I'm allergic to real trees, so I have no use for it either. It could save lives. People who need it are probably to stupid to buy it and use it. Design and Build your own cars and planes - How much and where? I like this guy. Love his product. Not just for kids.


My concern about the show is that they do no patent searches! I suspect the bra and extinguisher may be infringing on other patents and the teacher's car, boat and plane program just isn't patentable (except, perhaps the packaging). Copyright perhaps... In my opinion, the most unique of the contestants was the Tea Maker. Their only flaw was that they wanted it to attach to a coffee maker. They would have been better off designing it into it's own maker so the water temp could be better controlled. If someone likes tea, they'll buy a Tea Maker rather than retrofit their Coffee Maker.

Some of the contestants do their own patent search. I should think the show would do them before they're going to invest money.

The teacher's car, etc. seemed to be half software, half hardware. Probably not much new about the hardware now that you mention. But they can copyright the software.

I didn't care for the TeaBrain. I never drink coffee, rarely drink tea. When I make tea I just nuke a cupa water. I know that's not kosher but... One person in the focus group said they wouldn't want to make coffee and tea in the same machine. That makes sense to me.

My thought is that they give you a million but take all the royalties. Might be enough just to have your name on something and cash up front. But I'm pretty sure you have to sign away your rights. I'm sorta interested in one of last years products. Looked it up a couple of months later. One page website saying she can't do anything for a whole year. She was taking queries on manufacture, retail, etc.

That's what I was saying about the TeaBrain. It should be sold with it's own water heater/dispenser, so the the water is the exact right temperature for the specific tea. The idea of saving like about $20 by using the coffee makers water distribution system is silly. That part of the coffee maker is long past it's patent period and can be copied by anyone. I agree about the royalties. I would never give up my rights to an idea for their show. I had enough with making other people rich in my previous life.

What the heck would the six in one bra be? I gotsta look this up.

oops I forgot there are kids onboard. One bra six different configurations for the straps to accomodate backless, asymetrical. Check out the sunday paper ads.

One Question: Has the fireman made a working prototype of his fire extinguisher? I love the designing/building your own car. I would most definitely purchase that product. It is one of the best ideas in a long time.

Oh yeah to answer your Q: He did not have a prototype when he auditioned for the show. Didn't have the technical knowledge. Got the $50,000. Hire the right people, built and tested the prototype. No surprise it didn't work well the first time but did work. It's sort of a portable sprinkler system. I would have bought one, put it on a robot and had it follow by dad around when he was still smoking. He frequently fell asleep smoking. The drawback is the "package" looked to be about 2'x1'x1'. Maybe bigger. sitting next to the tree. Not sure how many gallons of pressurized water.

I guess I should clarify... It's software to print, punch, assemble a remote control car or airplane. They are too small for Barbie. Small. One or two sheets of letter size paper. But still fun. He's a teacher and he designed it to be a teaching aid. Middle school maybe younger.

I haven't seen the episode yet...it's on Tivo