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Amplifier Schematics? Answered

Can anybody get me a an amplifier schematic which can drive an 8" sub-woofer, two  8" Speakers and two tweeters?
Actually my neighbor built an amplifier which is driving the same mentioned above . He resides in the nearby apartment still when he uses that amplifier i can feel the bass hear the treble and get the music to my ears sitting in my apartments. When i asked him the schematics he laughed at me and said that I am a noob of drove me out of his house, ARROGANT MAN. So please guys help me out in this regard.
Thanks in Advance


Google has all the information you need.

However!  If you new to building electronics building a good hifi audio amplifier may well be a very difficult task - Note I said hifi - for all sorts of reasons.

Probably better to look to build from a kit that way you will get a circuit board and all the components and a known working system - I am just saying!


5 years ago

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