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Amplifier Schematics?

Can anybody get me a an amplifier schematic which can drive an 8" sub-woofer, two  8" Speakers and two tweeters?
Actually my neighbor built an amplifier which is driving the same mentioned above . He resides in the nearby apartment still when he uses that amplifier i can feel the bass hear the treble and get the music to my ears sitting in my apartments. When i asked him the schematics he laughed at me and said that I am a noob of drove me out of his house, ARROGANT MAN. So please guys help me out in this regard.
Thanks in Advance

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rickharris (author)2013-07-10

Google has all the information you need.

However!  If you new to building electronics building a good hifi audio amplifier may well be a very difficult task - Note I said hifi - for all sorts of reasons.

Probably better to look to build from a kit that way you will get a circuit board and all the components and a known working system - I am just saying!

+1 there are a lot of good kits

where can i find them???

You can get kits on Ebay and Amazon
I get my kits from Canada Kits

iceng (author)2013-07-10

Repeating an action (same question) and expecting a different outcome
is the definition of insanity...