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An Idea for Insrtuctables, what do you think? Answered

I had a random Idea from absolutely nowhere but what If for each instructable there was a button (mabey near the rating buttons) for when you made the Instructable, this could show what people on this site were really into so we could have more of those. But as I was typing this out I realized then people might make more of that type of instructable and we would get less diversity. What do you guys and girls think?


competition suggestion- survivalist techniques

I really don't understand your idea. Is it that something shows what kind of thing is most popular? Because you could always go here

I know about the positive ratings and all, but I'm saying like if you actually made the instructable

No, its seperate from the ratings, its how many people did it, for example

This instructable currently has a rating of 3(three people liked it), but how many people actually made the shake?

I make smoothies everyday for breakfast. I will have to try this one!

truthfully i would love to see online now feature , makes it easier for direct interaction between members..

I also think there should be a difficulty-level rating -- something from "paper only" through "code it in Lisp".

Ah, you mean an extra kind of rating "I liked it enough to make it". How about extending it - > "Made it, it worked" > "Made it, it didn't work" > "Tried to make it, couldn't".

mabey also, made it and modded it, then have a list of mods on the side

I think, just like you said, it would cut down on the diversity of Instructables.