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An Idea for a future contest? (Updated) Answered

Come the season, how about a snowman contest?

Good entries should include construction techniques, but should also show some skill, imagination, humour and possibly topicality.

Source of the idea

Actually, why not make it a native materials sculpting contest?

Such in Grizedale Park Sculpture Trail


I want a wood working contest ................................

Start your own! I sponsored a cooking one. Wasn't hugely popular, but we got a decent number of entries. And Canida was kind enough to furnish prizes.

Actually, why not make it a native materials sculpting contest?

I like this idea a lot.
That would be a contest that, maybe, I'll want to participate to.

Like GorillazMiko said, how about a contest to show off your guitar hero 3 skills? I rock at Guitar Hero 3!

Pfft, end of the season? Just make is a SAND SCULPTURE contest! : D

. Now that I like! I hate snow.
. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I bet a lot of ppl here can come up with some VERY interesting stuff.

Don't need to be artistic...just a bit creative..... like making some schematics in the sand, etc. :-)

I am all for this! I would have o make a sand dude though.

Adobe people! Could I make a metal sculpture instead?

Or weave something from mangrove roots and rusting retirees? Heck... >rushes to edit OP

I have a lot of ideas for future contests as well:

  • Anything doing with the Instructables Robot
  • Anything doing with food (well, how to cook it or whatever)
  • Anything doing with instruments
  • Not so sure about this one, but.... Anything Guitar Hero related.
  • Anything doing with solder.
  • Another laser cutter contest?
  • Snowman one, as suggested by Kiteman.
  • Anything K'nex
  • Anything Lego
  • Anything doing with Eggs ;-)
  • Anything doing with computers
  • Jeans Hacks (similar to T-Shirt hacks)
  • Anything red
  • Anything orange
  • Anything yellow
  • Anything green
  • Anything blue
  • Anything purple
  • Anything black
  • Anything white
  • Anything gray
  • Anything brown
  • Anything rainbow colored
  • Anything doing with Instructables, such as "How to change your avatar", or "How to delete multiple images from your library", etc. Kind of like the Instructables Help group.

I have much more...

That Dalek is awesome...


10 years ago

What a shame, as I haven't seen real snow in, oh, 8 years now. Pity.

Oh wow, what a great idea! It's a shame the season is ending, that would've been excellent for the winter.