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An Instructable in New Scientist! Answered

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Instructables member XenonJohn has had his Self-Balancing Skateboard featured on New Scientist TV, using video taken at the UK Maker Faire.

I had the pleasure of meeting John at the Faire, and I can safely say that this world needs more like him.

Kudos, John.

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XenonJohn (author)2011-03-20

They just assumed I am an engineer, which I am not!

Next thing will to be to watch the Gadget Show tomorrow to see if there are any clips of Jon Bentley at the maker Faire included in the broadcast.

He had never heard of "Arduino" or Instructables when I spoke to him so I put him right as far as I could in the very short time available.

At the end of the show on the Sunday after all the kids had gone, the BBC camera guys also came up and said they had been filming all weekend so could they now have a go please.

It was a really enjoyable weekend.

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Kiteman (author)XenonJohn2011-03-20

Have you let them know about the mistake?

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gmjhowe (author)2011-03-20

Yeah, he seemed really nice. Maybe we could get him along to the next meet up?

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NachoMahma (author)2011-03-19