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An Unhealthy Obsession With Magnets Answered

ever since i observed the attractive/repelling invisible force of the magnet i was interested in this mysterious action at a distance what compels the movement of metal the laws, the principles, wow electromagnetism cool stuff



10 years ago

I don't have an obsession with magnets. I just spent my life saving and sold all of my things to buy a ton of magnets.


Mankind has been obsessed with the magnet for at least 2600 years. Probably before that, but no one wrote it down...

Anyone ever heard about how wearing magnets about your pearson can improve your health? I think the idea is that the electromagnetic field produced by the magnet increases blood flow. If I were to walk around with a supermagnet under my hat, would I be able to supercharge my brain or something?

i dont see how an electromagnetic field could effect blood flow you'd have to talk to a doctor about that im just spitballin maybe its they take all the metals in your blood and push them to the side and open the vein making it wider


Reply 11 years ago

By "super," I mean any magnet that's over 1 inch cubic in volume. (Believe me, that's more than enough to be dangerous). You'd have to be absolutely insane to try and handle those United Nuclear magnets.

really? well i bought one here ill place it right next to my com

I'm talking about the 8 in. cubic monsters that they have for sale. I've had bits of my hand pinched off by relatively minuscule ones.

me 2 i was trying to make it look like my computer shut off when i was about to say computer


11 years ago

"Omfg roflz zomg!!!111!!! I love f***ing magnets, man!!!!!!!!!!!" - Carbon, a fellow magnet enthusiast. :P Within ten feet of where I'm sitting, there are probably anywhere between 20 and 40 magnets. (Including at least 4 super magnets). Of course, my desk is where I put my magnet collection. ; )

how are you on your computer super magnets would shut it off

It takes quite a bit of magnetic force to mess with a hard drive, and the big suckers are three or four feet away from the actual computer. The CRT monitor is quite noticeably distorted, though.

ive heard of super magnets i think it was at untitled nuclear but anyway you haveto clamp them down if you buy 2

are you saying i sniff magnets? *sniff* *sniff* what?