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An alternative to sit-ups? Answered

Are there any harder alternatives to sit-ups that require little or no extra equipment?


If they are too easy, you need a slant-board. Your feet are hooked under a padded bar at the top and elevated 1-4 feet while your head is at the bottom of the slant-board. I used one at the gym back in my marathoning days. Now the regular kind are difficult enough for me. If you don't have access to a slant-board, you could try holding a weight such as a medicine ball above your chest as you do them. That will also increase the resistance and is easier to do at home.

What is wrong with sit-ups?
Just get your toes underneath something.


I find the too easy. I can do a two hundred without stopping so it takes a bit too long to feel the strain

If you find them too easy, then you're probably not doing them correctly.

If what you want is an abdominal exercise, you can try planking. Not the viral planking, but this planking:

It really requires no equipment. Basically, you are supporting yourself with only your forearms and toes and your whole body should be flat. Your back should be in a line, like a plank. Refer to the pic!
You can also google it, try fitness planking. The idea is to hold it for as long as possible. For me, 5 mins is a major challenge, but then again, I'm not very fit! XD 

Another suggestion is the Superman stretch. That one is where you lie on the ground, tummy down and then you lift your head, arms and legs up. You are supported by your stomach only. Legs should be together, and ideally, thighs should be up too. Again, this works better the longer you hold it and it strengthens your core. 

Anyway, good luck, and have fun!