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An old MicroTek Scanner Answered

I just aquired this old scanner yesturday, I thought it was a junker, and AT best, I'd get some good heavy duty servos from it. Well I decided to go through the trouble of getting the old scsi adapter I got with it working (ISA slot). I had to pull out an old 550mhz P2 and whip xp onto it real quick, because the 1ghz p3 I already had setup apparently didn't have ISA slots.

After some crazy trouble googling and finding drivers for it (at first all I could find was that the old isa type scsi adapters weren't supported under xp). That was not the case, I got the driver installed and used vuescan to scan the images, I am SURPRISED by the quality of this scanner, especially after I read the specs on MicroTek's Website and with a optical resolution of 600x300dpi, I wasn't that impressed, apparently I was wrong. The speed and clarity of this old beater easily rivals that of my old parellel port scanner, which is probably like 10 years newer than this thing.

Check it out.


Cool - where did you find it? L

My friend gave it to me, she decided she had some old computer equipment she was just gonna throw away. She gave me an old printer to, a hp deskjet 550 or something like that, a great big huge thing, you should see the size of the transformer brick that's required to run it. Perhaps it'd be good for a robot project?

I am envious of your printer, as it must have motors too. Good find / gift. L

Should I keep it as a printer? OR tear it apart for the motors?? The only thing is, I don't really have anything to run servos and I doubt you could just use the build in motor controller could ya?