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Analyse me! Answered

Elsewhere, another, well-respected, ibler referred to himself as having a kiteman like attitude for a few days.

What on Earth does that mean?

What is my attitude? I wasn't aware of having one.

Go on. Be honest.

(And should I use this image as my new avatar?)


Dude, now you've double-bumped it....... Oh, crap! I've doub...... Nevermind!


9 years ago

Conventional, unwilling to actualy consider ideas about new energy sources but quick to attack them. Probably believes in evolution. Generaly polite.

Um...he doesn't attack them. He considers them and tells you why they won't work. And yes, he does believe in evolution. And is generally polite.

seconded and God is the inventor of science and kiteman! and The whole piont is that He is not scientifficly provable but you believe by faith

[citation needed]

I don't believe in evolution either. But I do think it's irrelevant to classifying Kiteman.

No...he's pointing out how the main idea is flawed.

No he wasn't, the only time he even made reference to the main idea was when he made this incorrect statement: "The hydrogen is not generated at enough of a rate to run a turbine - it must be burned or passed through a hydrogen cell to do useful work."

Yes, he was. "The Hydrogen does not expand because of the temperature of the air around it, it expands because it is changing from a form bound in a dense liquid to a gas." Also, may I see the source or experiment that proves the statement you quoted wrong?

If there was no thermal energy the hydrogen would be bose-einstein condesate, or at least a solid.

Once again, you are using technical terms which you basically don't understand. Hydrogen has a thermodynamic phase diagram, which specifies what state it is in as a function of the ambient temperature and pressure.

The hydrogen has either been heated in the past, or heated after it is released. Otherwise it wouldn't have expanded. The energy from the hydrogen expanding IS from heat.

What happened to the hydrogen "in the past" isn't relevant to the chemical reactions you are proposing. You are using water and performing a chemical dissociation on that water, by means of an endothermic (energy input required) chemcial reaction. The hydrogen that is produced in such a reaction will be at the same temperature and same pressure as the surrounding water when it is formed.

If you collect the hydrogen in a closed container, then yes, eventually you will collect enough in a fixed volume, at a fixed temperature, that the pressure will go up.

No, you ignored his comment that the hydrogen doesn't expand thermally (i.e., a phase change), it expands because of the chemical reaction. Exactly what I wrote to you elsewhere.

As Adrian has already pointed out, Kiteman was not ignoring your main idea. He pointed out the specific reason why your main idea is nonsense, and you just don't like that.

That statement leads me to belive that you either didn't read what I said, or that I haven't been clear enough on what my main idea was. I carefully read everything he said to me and could find only this one reference to my main idea "The hydrogen is not generated at enough of a rate to run a turbine".

If you pay attention, I actually advocate new energy resources, but I tend to stick to those that don't contradict the laws of physics. You should also be aware that evolution is not a matter of "belief". I do not believe in evolution any more than I believe in the keyboard upon which I now pound - both are simple, demonstrable facts of the universe. If you want to prove me wrong, please do so by PM, as I am fed up with these boards being cluttered with creationist nonsense.

More than willing to consider ideas which are mathematically and physically plausible. Presumably you don't know about his own design for an extremely unconventional propulsion system, which nevertheless obeys the laws of physics. Those who discard well-understood science without the demonstrated knowledge or expertise to justify it get pummelled, and deservedly so.

Finds Freud hat, pipe, and fake beard: So...tell me about your mother. Wait, what? Wrong analysis? Ok, how about Jung: Tell me about your dreams. Do you feel as though your 'structables are your way of adding to the cultural unconscious? No? Campbell? Tell me how your reality fits into the mythic dream state of our psyche? Nothing? Damn. I knew I should have paid more attention in abnormal psychology. ;)

I don't recall Freud ever wearing a hat (unless you are mixing him up with the fictional Sherlock Holmes ;-)


Oh well sure..in pictures he didn't wear the hat...but once he got you on a couch...he was all about the tiara. It's true! ;)

and the slips...He may have been wearing that lampshade in the background. He probably hastily put it back before the snapshot since it seems crooked.

I think you should use that avatar! And also make one in the style of that for your #1son? There you could have a family of cartoon yous! And when the rest of the family all join you could have a family photo!
I go to far with these things

I'm working on an avatar for #1 son - he's oddly hard to make an avatar for! I can't seem to make something I'm satisfied with.

maybe you should just do another kiteman with a little more hair or something, a bit smaller or maybe with kitey himself

Your attitude is caring, cautious, and neutral. You are inspirational, and post a lot.

Neutral? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Kiteman fan, but I beg to differ...

I mean neutral as in his involvement in arguments where he is not one of the arguing parties.

Oh well, and with that post, he blows his facade LOL



9 years ago

Your a card caring member of ibles who helps others with problems and is a great contributor to the community.

Only use that image if you put buffers on the top and bottom, otherwise, you'll only see half of the face and kitem, as Instructables automatically "crops and centers" the image, I think.

You want character assessment or character assasination?

Nutty professor.
Curiously strong.
'nuf said.

no link to the original quote? we should be analyzing the quotee...

No link, because it wasn't on this site. Suffice to say he's a "good egg" (although I have no data regarding his opinion of eggs). I was just... taken aback? ...nonplussed? ...surprised? ... that I could be used as some sort of benchmark against which to measure other people's attitude.

Oh everyone that is alive has some form of attitude (the word need not carry negative connotations). And anyone could compare themselves to nearly anyone else I suppose, but that is not really a good measure of one's own personal growth and position, because we each have our strengths and weaknesses.

Making such comparisons can be destructive, especially if one can not measure up because of a personal weakness.

Still, since we have been acquainted for a bit over a year, I have found you level headed, and mthodical, and yet you have your light hearted side. You are more open minded then I had first thought also


9 years ago

Intelligent, collected, even-handed. I think you should have a transformer doing a judo throw as your avatar.


the signature just makes the quality of the avatar stick out more


9 years ago

Humorous, yet serious all at the same time, something that most of us lessers cannot achieve...