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And I thought my muscle spasms were bad! Answered

Well, as some of you might know, I complained about muscle spasms.... check out these 2 people I found on YouTube

(These are NOT my vids, and I give credit to the owners: trnsfererr & pbible)




That second one almost appears as though he has a knotted cramp in his leg...but, isn't this a little mundane to be sharing with the world ? (or maybe it only seems so, as I have gotten older ;-)

What do you think about this one I found?

Other then being about 1 minute 30 seconds longer then it need be ;-) that is how mine look...sometimes massaging it removes the misfires and sometimes I can stop it by using a pain blocking technique that stops the misfirings most of the time.

I have had worse, but spasms like that can come from exertion after a long hiatus from exercise.

You've had worse? set up a video camera and be prepared

Yeah, both of the dudes are bikers :) what a coincidense

Yeah, back in the days I was on our gymnastic team, but that was a long time ago....now I just get grapefruit sized leg cramps :-)

Speaking of cramps... (Watch whole vid)

The last time I had cramps it woke me in the middle of the night. My leg was sore for about a week. It takes a good 10 minutes of serious rubbing a massaging to get them to go away. I got them a lot when I was younger too, when I would go off the diving board too often.....warm air, COLD water....not fun. Mine always bulged outwards, like a grapefruit.

what about when you are swimming and your toes bend down for no reason? Godd that's awful!

That too is a form of cramp, just not in the leg ;-)

Yerp! And by the way, do you have a Youtube acount?

I do.....but I use is so few times, I have to have them send me the password each time LOL

Um, I don't give out my password.....

Yeah I was just teasin a little, I knew you meant my moniker (I'll send it pm)

ordinary or commonplace (as you get older, and things either work less well, or fail more often, you will understand)

i'm way to grossed out to watch... I'd make a terrible surgian. A nurse even...

I dare you to watch the vid I posted in response to Goodhart :D

well, more like massive twitches. Little twitches, I can watch.they're amusing

Little twitches? Watch the bottom one then. The top one is absolutly domination. (I don't know why I used that word)

Don't freak the guy out, tomorrow he'll be a super-human, and do you want a sane, rational super-Being or a dysfunctional one? I am thinking Tetsuo...

That second one, it's like something is crawling around under his skin.