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Android on Wii, PS3, or XBOX? Somebody please help figure this out. Answered

I was just in a discussion about the OUYA console. It's a system that uses Android to play Google Play games on the big screen. I've also heard rumors of an Android-running WiiU. I was wondering how difficult it would be to run Android on a game console that wasn't intended for it. Considering that their architecture allows them to run a bunch of Linux OS distributions, I figure it must be possible. It's probably possible in a non-destructive way too. Not to mention that Android can use pretty much any USB or Bluetooth remote you can throw at it with some rooting and fairly simple apps. It doesn't seem that it would be any physical modification, just software. Unfortunately, my programming skills are mediocre, and I'm not much of a hacker. So, let's start some discussion on how this could be done in a fully functional way. If you know it's been done, please post some links.

Nobody has claims on the Instructable if they post information here. Whoever pieces all of the information together can do it. It won't be me.


What a lot of people do not understand is that most linux distros are very close under the hood. Most cases porting software is relatively easy.The problem with running android apps on proprietary hardware is that most of the manufacturers have closed specs not available to most programmers. Second the manufacturers do not want you to run unblessed software on their machines. Patent rhetoric arguments I.E.they do not get a kickback.

Equiso android stick can run any android apps or games on your tv. Bluestacks can run any android apps or games on your pc or mac.