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Animated GIFs Answered

My cover image is a animated GIF and it works fine on a PC.  I tried to view my instructable on an iphone and ipad.    It doesn't animate at all on the Iphone app unless I click on the image.  It comes over as a fractured picture on the Ipad app.  Has anyone else had the same issue?
Here is the project.   



1 year ago

Hi Nikos. I am working with a similar project using hydrogen from water. I am located in the middle of The Caribbean, Puerto Rico.

It's a nice project, I am really impressed with it. You provided some new ideas that I will put into my working project. Up to now, I achieved a 45% increase efficiency.

Sorry but I do not understang quite well. The main (cover) image will animate or not? Thank you.

I don't think that's a bug, I think it's how the iPad treats animated GIFs.

(I think)

Thanks. I always debate about including them since I don't know how they are going to turn out across multiple platforms. At least it's a clear still image on the iphone.

I would include them as secondary images, or in later steps, but that's just my personal taste.