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Annoyed a lots by Pro Membership renewal Answered

OK, so I was a PRO member for 24 months and during that time my little projects got over 30K views... maybe that is nothing, maybe it something... due to the nature of the material I write about, I personally think it is a lots.

However, surely 30K eyes viewing the articles and the adverts posted all about the pages generate some ad revenue for Instructables.  To think that I'm going to pay again for a renewal ... well, folks, it will NOT happen.  Instructables give away PRO memberships for all manner of things, from new groups to 90 days for a Featured Author.

I am seriously thinking about dumping this whole Instructables thing... It is my opinion that as long as an author is active and publishing regularly and generating reasonable interest, then the PRO tools should be available to her.  I did not mind paying my way into the PRO club the first time, but renewal is simply not going to happen at my expense.  If I dump Instructables, I will unpublish everything.

Your move Instructables... you are a neat way to share information, but I really do not need you.  I can just hop over to Arduino.cc and forum myself to death... I'm there often anyway.

Ray Burne,
Lawrenceville, GA


Hi Ray,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Simply: buying a Pro membership helps offset the cost of running the site.

Our Pro subscription service is limited in duration to encourage posting activity. We generously award Pro Memberships for a lot of different reasons, including as you mention having a project featured. Many of our members find they can actually "ride" on the gifted memberships they receive from being featured and never have to pay for Pro again.

If you are looking for a 'reason' to stay here it would be the community. There are plenty of other project-sharing sites out there, but our strength lies in our member base and audience with a wide interest range. If you are not happy here and want to leave then we will be sorry to see you go, but you are always welcome back.

Editor + Community Manager, Instructables.com


"Our Pro subscription service is limited in duration to encourage posting activity."

... Then regular publishing coupled with page-views should continuously "reset" one's status after the author pays the initial fee. Dude, I am providing YOU content and you make money$ from my effort through advertising. I am not asking for a free ride, I bought into your ecosystem with cold cash, I provided content, and I got hits. Maybe not as many hits as an I'ble on Southern-fried doughnuts, but good-quality content, and I posted regularly. But to have a "free" membership with the FN crummy editor is worthless and I am unable to even maintain my I'bles. Unacceptable.

You and your management team run off and think about it... You are not running a business model that I wish to be associated with anymore.


Regularly posting stuff good enough to Feature "resets" your pro status.

If you are capable of making a living as a technical writer, you should be capable of churning out good-quality projects with ease, and being awarded pro accounts to spare.

You may not want to be associated with this site any more, but you're just one out of many tens of thousands of authors, and tens of millions of readers, who do. Good luck getting your work a bigger audience elsewhere...

Ray, you're right. All authors should have access to the pro editing tools. Take a look at this:
It's a new editor we're going to release soon (some stuff isn't quite wired up correctly, which is why this isn't completely public). Let me know if that addresses some of your concerns.

Adam Smith would be proud.

If you are still reading this...

Did you delete some of your ibles? I only see 5K+ views. What makes you annoyed that instructables charges for it's Pro membership? You made an equal appeal to support arduino by buying their products. I guess you don't understand the ecosystem of the internet.

Anyway, getting an ible featured or winning a contest awards free Pro memberships. Pretty good incentive to improve your writing or presentation skills. So instructables is doing what you suggest, only at a higher level to reward awesomeness. I don't like paying for something I could get for free either so you learn how to get around that.

You can go and hole yourself in arduino but you'll miss out on the diversity here, both in topic and people. The community ethos is to share what you made, anything you made. If only a few people see it or appreciate it, it's still in the Maker spirit. Be selfish and go pack up your toys and leave. Pro membership was never a requirement to participate here.

"I guess you don't understand the ecosystem of the internet. "

Actually, I do understand! I am the content provider.

Yes, everything has been unpublished. I cannot maintain it properly and I cannot author without the proper HTML tools (not that the online editor was ever a thrill.)

Bye guys. It has been a nice 24 months but I'm going to do the hobo thing and move on.


I think I sad to buy at least one (1) official Arduino to support their infrastructure...

And someone has to host your content, all the better if they have an established web presence.

Maybe someone will run into your work someday, somewhere.

"Be selfish and go pack up your toys and leave. Pro membership was never a requirement to participate here. "

Frankly, it was the removal of such simple features as "indent, bullet, paste" from the HTML editor that PO'd me into hyperspace... Obviously the Instructables management places a higher value on the almighty dollar than they do on the appearance of their contents.

... And I have supported the site well over the past 24 months, I purchased a Pro membership, wrote rather consistently, provided quality content, but I am not going to pay for a freaking HTML editor. I don't mind doing the authoring, testing, documenting, but I am providing content for the site and to pull a rudimentary editor out from under me and force me to create with a web-notepad is an insult.

- Ray

If you spent all those years as a technical writer, it's strange that you would be hobbled by missing a few automatic formatting functions unless you are some kind of prima donna writer. Some of the best content here is done on mobile devices. Good luck.

It's a shame you feel like that, but you don't *need* to be pro to access the whole site. Heck, you don't even need to be a member!

If the cost of buying pro is a problem for you, just let it lapse, not a problem. Keep making instructables, and maybe one of them will get featured and earn you free pro-ness. As Mikeasaurus says, quite a few pro members "fund" their pro status by producing a steady trickle of featurable projects.

I notice that you like Picaxe projects, which can be pricey, but you don't have to spend a fortune to produce featurable instructables. In fact, I've just worked out that my last four featured projects used less than $5 worth of raw materials between them.

Thanks, Kite man, but the Internet is just too luring to be stuck here crippled and unable to maintain content.

All content except those coupled with contests has been removed. I will rework and republish in a more technical area of the Internet. I spent years as a technical writer and managed a training group in BellSouth, I think I will do just fine in a new place.