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Annoying image bug Answered

When I am looking at my image library as I write up a project, sometimes the enlarged thumbnails follow me around the page, stick, cover what I am trying to do, and won't go away until I click on another thumbnail and persuade it to "stick" somewhere less annoying.


maby try putting the image notes last after you have finished everything else thats what i do and that has never happened to me befor.

It happens when I hover (or simply pass) over the thumbnails at the bottom of the page, and gets in the way of writing image notes.

O I see that has happened to me before its a real pain. in that case I have no idea what to do.

It even happens, to some extent, when viewing pictures in a contest, with all the thumbnails up, a picture will expand and cover what you really want to see below it (simply because the cursor touched it) and I have to find a distant picture that will not interfere with what I am viewing to expand just to get rid of the one that is in the way.

It happens all the time for me. Just concentrate on what you're doing, because it happens when you "click and drag" it for me. It happens on normal instructables when I hover over a step icon and it stays.

It must be some kind of javascript bug, I've had it happen before. A bit annoying, but I don't know what you can do about it...

I have had that problem some time back, but it seems to have gone away recently for me.