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Annoyng old bug Answered

Hi, I really need some help with this bug.
The problem is a strange one: my profile is not up to date (it doesn't show my instructables or my profile picture), and I don't get notified when someone I'm following publishes a new ible'.
Also it doesn't matter which computer I use or from where I'm viewing my profile I still encounter the same thing.

I guess that the site mistakes me for someone else that joined in June 3 2007 with the name macgyver.

Should I change my user name?

Thank you!


Special characters sometimes cause problems, but it looks like both versions of that account point to the same person (you). I'd suggest changing your name to something without any special characters in it.


5 years ago

Thanks for the help!
As you can see I have a new profile now... It's such relief.

That "+" character at the end of your username is probably confusing the system. You should stick to the regular alpha numeric characters as this bug sometimes causes problems when they are used in instructable titles.