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Another Baby Bear knife Answered

I found some more metal and decided to make a third Baby Bear knife. Thanks to Alan Folts for the original design. He sells these now and I did not like the price, so I decided to make my own. Here is a picture of the semi-finished knife. It has curly(flame) maple handles that I found in the wood pile. I would like to make a Kydex sheath for it, but have not found a source that will let me buy a few or one sheet  at a good price. Still looking. Anyone know of a good source please let me know. I only need a few sheets to start with. Carbon graphite looks cool.



6 years ago

I love the fit of these little knives. They have a small but sturdy feel to them.

Forget the expensive Kydex, I found a plastic at Lowees & Homeeey Depot that does the same thing when heated. Its black or white, the tan is MIA from the store. They show a sample but never get it in. The stuff makes great sheaths and only cost $6.00 and change. Its used for a screen porch enclosure system and comes in really long strips 7 ' 5" Long by 3 1/2 " Wide. I have mad a couple of sheaths and like the look and feel of them. I used pop rivets , black look best, but you can paint the shiny ones or use a black permannent marker to blacken them. Make sure to get and also use the washers on the back,( I think the smallest ones I used have a 1/8" depth, perfect for two layers of plastic) that are made & sold nearby for the rivets. I used aluminum ones and the steel ones on different sheaths & scabbards. Measure first. Squeezing the pop rivet slowly once, then re-aligning the handle on the shaft of the rivet makes it snug up nice, try it and see! Have fun, enjoy, as ever Triumphman

The Grizzly Bear is coming!

Woooee! A Grizzly Bear!

Oops, I forgot to mention a big file knife project I am also working on! Its a Tanto style blade, similar to Tops Anaconda knife that cost over $100.00! I put on Apple wood handles with solid brass pins. The apple wood is very hard and durable, and has an interesting grain. The local apple orchard trees get trimmed every year. The owner is nice and saves the branches. He gives them away for fireplace burning folks. I made some nice carved bears, whales and beavers from it. See picture. Thanks, as ever Triumphman


Just started a "Grizzly Bear " knife. Big & Bad! Here is a picture of my progress so far! Maybe an 'ible coming on this too!


People are starting to ask me if I will sell or make them one of these knives! I am considering doing it as soon as I can confirm my material resources! Once i have enough metal and handle material I will start a few at a time! Thanks for your patience and kind support!

can you use these knives?or are they just for show?i was just wondering.

Use them, of course, they can skin a critter or be a self defense weapon, or even a letter opener. I carry mine every day. It clips on my belt easily. I just found a cool instructable on "How to make a macarta handle for knives" The safety blaze orange looks cool. I won't lose that baby with a handle that bright. My next project. Enjoy! Triumphman.

Nice Baby Bears