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Another Star Wars?! Answered

When I entered the lobby of our movie theater after watching the funny (yet disgusting at times) Zohan movie, I caught a glimpse of this trailer. At first, I thought it was a cartoony parody of starwars (perhaps a joke in that Panda movie, all I saw was Yoda). This could not be serious, the animation looked like something straight out of the Incredibles. After some investigation I discovered it was totally cereal. It is a trailer for a 90 minute long preview of a cartoon network series. Who would pay to go to the movies to watch a 90 minute preview?!

This is the description of the youtube video:
The 90-minute premiere episode of the CGI animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will have a limited release in U.S. cinemas starting August 15th.

Not only will this be the first 3-D animated movie for the highly-successful saga, but this will also be the first Star Wars movie not released through Twentieth Century Fox. Fox released all six Star Wars movies, plus the original microseries The Clone Wars on home video.

But Warner Bros. and Turner Broadcasting will release Star Wars: The Clone Wars this time. The principle reason is that Turner's and W.B.'s subsidiary, The Cartoon Network, managed to snag the rights to the series from creator George Lucas.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars on The Cartoon Network

The new series will premiere this fall on The Cartoon Network, later airing on TNT.

"I felt there were a lot more Star Wars stories left to tell," said George Lucas in the press release for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. "I was eager to start telling some of them through animation and, at the same time, push the art of animation forward."

"Nothing like this has ever been produced for television," said Stuart Snyder, President/COO Turner Animation,Young Adults & Kids Media. "For 30 years, Star Wars has shown that it appeals to a huge breadth of fans. Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network will be appointment television for everyone in the family. We're thrilled to be working with Lucasfilm again and very excited to be playing a role in bringing this remarkable adventure to viewers."

The Star Wars we all know and love has been reduced to a cheap cartoon, made with the sole purpose of trying to squeeze as much money out of the name as possible. Star Wars looks like a cheap joke now, it's just sad, really.


Eh, Star Wars has passed its prime......So, no comment. I never really liked it anyway, So hey, how was Zohan? I wanna see it.

Eh, Star Wars has passed its prime......So, no comment. Yep, it seems like every other major franchise. They just don't know when to stop and end up abusing and destroying it.

Zohan was pretty funny, but there was some really disgusting scenes too.

By far the worst example - Shrek

The first movie was trendsetting, funny, and most important of all - original. It was supposed to be something unique. Then came Shrek 2. Hmmn....Okay, not as good as the original, but its still funny, and besides, what's one sequel?

Along comes Shrek 3. Darn, suddenly all that originality seems to look a little like the Money Hoarding Franchises that only make sequels for pure profit (*cough* Spiderman 3!*cough)I suppose it still has a real plot(*cough* unlike Spiderman 3*cough*)

Okay. It's over. A decent triology at that. What's that?! A Christmas Special?! Oh noes! It has fallen into the evil network's grasp! But eh, okay. Just a tiny little TV special, nothing too big.

What's that? A ride?(Shrek 4d) Huh, that was nice, just a harmless little short film. Besides, its just in this itty bitty theater. Not the general public. What?! They Just released it on DVD to sell the Shrek Movies?!!! That's horrible! Good news is, this marks the end of Shrek!!!

What?!!!! What?!!! A Puss in boots sequel?!!! Shrek 4?!!1 Shrek 5?!!!!Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!

What's that?!.......

Yes, I'm hoping Star Wars has not sunk to Shrek's level. I've been on that Shrek 4D thing, it was horrible. My brother saw Shrek 3, he said it was terrible

I'm starting to worry about Indiana Jones, but it's resurrection wasn't that bad.

It was amazing! The aliens would have completely ruined the film, but Indy's general badassery in the film has made it a decent film.


Fortunately we went to see the film before I saw that comment!

I loved it. There's a huge amount of story happened between films 3 & 4, which could be reliably exploited in cartoons, books or graphic novels, and I think the storyline has enough legs to manage one more film with Harrison Ford plus the new kid, then the whole franchise can get taken over by the new kid.

The trouble is, they've acknowledged aliens once already, so there's a big risk they could slide too far into X-files territory (unless they did it deliberately, with Indiana being fooled into passing his files over to Deep Throat...? Maybe not.)

Actually, I like The Warehouse as a plot device. There could be anything in there, archaeological, alien, anything you like.

How about a TV series about a small team of curators, sent around the world to collect items for storage? Sometimes the story would be in the journey back, sometimes it would be how they got the item out of the ground / museum / possession of a small child.

A TV series like that does exist. It's called "Warehouse 13".

Actually, I like The Warehouse as a plot device. There could be anything in there, archaeological, alien, anything you like.

I have not seen the film, so I am completely oblivious to what you may mean, but are you speaking of the same "warehouse" where they stored the "Ark of the Covenant" at the end of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark"?

The very same, with wide, sweeping vistas of thousands of anonymous crates, all made the same way (differing only in size).

Yes, when you said warehouse, associated with Jones, that scene came to mind :-)

Have you ever seen the Star Wars Christmas Special? Holy Horrible Ghod, that is the worst steamer ever.

Here's some of the Horrors... Bea Arthur Chewie's Dad watching Porn Carrie Fisher singing and Harvey Korman in drag It's so bad it's not even good. You'll need a shower after watching it, just to feel clean again.


10 years ago

The Star Wars we all know and love has been reduced to a cheap cartoon, made with the sole purpose of trying to squeeze as much money out of the name as possible.
Some of us thought that on seeing Episode 1: Star Wars, given the painful "comic relief" characters and the painfully obvious shoehorning in of stuff to tie in with franchise merchandise (*cough cough* pod racing *cough*). I am under no illusions about the early films being amazing works of art, after going back to them as an adult and not having the associated nostalgia that hardcore fans do, but after Episode 1 I didn't see episodes 2 or 3 on principle, and I was told I hadn't missed much.

It sounds like this film is a feature-length first episode for the series, and those are totally OK by me :)

Star Wars: Clone Wars has already run in the UK, last year sometime.

It was actually rather good, with a coherent plot running through the whole series. At the end of the series, they showed the whole thing in a single programme, presumably the movie they're showing in the US.

I didn't see it all, but #1 son did, and he loved it. He now owns the Clone Wars Top Trumps deck.